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WA health supplier flies in protective gear for Perth COVID-19 fight

WA health supplier flies in protective gear for Perth COVID-19 fight

April 02, 2020

A Perth-based health product distributor has successfully secured a large supply of face masks for WA’s frontline medical workers battling COVID-19.

Big Start Health has chartered a private cargo plane and filled it with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including face masks, face shields, gloves and surgical masks sourced directly from trusted suppliers in Asia.

The 4-ply protective KN95 masks act as a disposable anti-particulate respirator and have emerged as a crucial weapon in the fight against COVID-19.

Big Start Health’s chief executive officer Jack Quigley said the cargo plane was due to land at Perth’s international airport on Saturday April 4, where it will immediately unload its vital PPE gear.

“Big Start Health’s priority is to get these badly needed facemasks and other protective gear to the people who need them most in Australia, the nurses and doctors on the front line in the battle against Coronavirus,” he said.

“Big Start International has been sourcing a range of commodities, like these KN95 masks, for many years and we have leveraged our global procurement skills to make sure Australia doesn’t miss out.”

The surge in global Coronavirus cases has created a severe shortage of facemasks like the KN95, with Perth medical workers carefully rationing their limited stocks as they seek more supplies.

The PPE gear sourced by Big Start Health will be supplied at the same price point they were valued at before the COVID-19 outbreak, without adding any inflated costs due to high demand.

Also included in Big Start Health’s shipment are supplies of Type II Surgical facemasks, isolation gowns, boot covers, disposable plastic coveralls and face shields – everything frontline medical workers in WA need to protect themselves from COVID-19.

After taking off from Perth, the plane will fly PPE supplies to Italy and is set to touch down on Sunday the 5th of April, which is celebrated by the deeply religious nation as Palm Sunday in the lead up to Easter.

Italy has been hit hard by COVID-19 with more than one hundred thousand people infected and over 13-thousand deaths. The nation requires more than 90-million facemasks a month but is facing dire shortages.

Mr Quigley said his company’s mission is to bring vital equipment to those most in need in a way that is fair to all. 

Some international distributors have been profiteering from the crisis, selling equipment at inflationary prices that are more than ten times the cost before COVID-19. 

“We all have our part to play in these challenging times and I’m very happy to be able to offer an abundant supply of this crucial protective equipment.

“We’ve been working around the clock, devoting ourselves to this mission and moved swiftly to apply our skills to the problem – getting what’s needed to where it’s needed.”

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