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WA Legal Proceedings
Feb 01, 2022
Big Start were able to secure hundreds of thousands of items of PPE for the Western Australian Government to help protect the WA community and health workers when the COVID-19 pandemic started in 2020. Governments were scrambling for equipment as the pandemic spread around the world.

The WA Government failed to honour their agreements to purchase PPE Big Start had already secured. The need for PPE dissipated as COVID was – until now – was held out of WA.

This action was a huge financial impact to Big Start, a small WA firm who acted in good faith, on instruction from a government acting in haste.

For over a year now the State has refused to mediate with Big Start, and this has left us no other option but to commence legal proceedings.

We will not engage in any further media comment and look forward to our case being dealt with appropriately through the legal system.

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