Indigenous Participation
Message from the CEO
Big Start Global mission is to provide ethical “Supply Chain Certainty’ to governments, non government organisations and multi-national corporations. Whilst we have strong ethical focus on the impacts our business has around the world though our modern slavery policy, we also aim to build up the Indigenous communities in our home Australia. We acknowledge first nations peoples as the traditional custodians of the lands in which we operate and pay respects to their elders and leaders, from the past, present and future. We acknowledge their pain, suffering, but also acknowledge their strength and resilience. Our goal is to build a better Australian nation, through working with and celebrating Indigenous heritage, culture and communities.

Jack Quigley

Improving Spend
Big Start Global acknowledges that Indigenous businesses are the foundation to achieving economic participation and wealth creation for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and as such Big Start Global aims to achieve a target of 3% spend by 2024.

Influencing Others
Big Start Global believes that everyone should assist to enabling the development and growth of Indigenous businesses. We aim to use our influence through hosting an annual sundowner with our Indigenous partners and Non-Indigenous partners to encourage further spending and through our networks.

Increasing Staff Awareness
Reconciliation and understanding is an important part of building a stronger Australian nation and we are committed to ensuring that our Indigenous staff and Indigenous businesses have security through engagements through our cultural competency commitment. We ensure that all staff attend at least one Cultural Awareness Session and engage in relevant significant Indigenous communities’ celebrations such as NAIDOC week and Reconciliation week.

Increasing Indigenous Business Capability
Big Start Global has established strong relationships with Kambarang Services and Yonga Solutions two Indigenous Businesses registered with Supply Nation and the WA Aboriginal Business Directory, to assist in supporting our journey to culturally appropriately engage with Indigenous Businesses and supporting their growth and capabilities. As a logistics specialist we aim to lend our knowledge and experiences and networks to enable Indigenous business growth and import and export capabilities.
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