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Australian helps organise a mission of mercy to supply COVID-19 gear to Italy

Australian helps organise a mission of mercy to supply COVID-19 gear to Italy

April 27, 2020

Big Start Global have pulled off a “mission impossible” to fly a cargo plane full of desperately needed medical supplies to the frontline of Italy’s fight against COVID-19.

The global problem-solving team, Big Start Global, used its vast network of connections to source an abundant supply of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), including in-demand Respirator Masks.

When most air traffic is grounded and factories are at a standstill, Big Start Global ensured it was able to provide its partners with reliable supply chains via chartering trucks and cargo planes to move the equipment for its Italian job.

Big Start Global tackles complex tasks like these regular business lines, so we saw the put our skills to the test, coming through with the ensuring this urgently needed PPE items arrived where they are needed most.

Italy has been hit hard by COVID-19, with more than 100,000 people infected and over 13,000 deaths. The nation requires more than 90 million facemasks a month but is facing dire shortages.

Big Start Global has now delivered several planes full of Surgical face masks, Respirator Masks, isolation gowns, boot covers, disposable plastic coveralls and face shields – everything frontline medical workers in Italy need to protect them from COVID-19.

To ensure a steady future supply of equipment, Big Start Global has also commenced with securing mask production lines that will be tooled up in Australia and Italy in the coming months to supplement its ongoing supply agreements with Several Regional State Health Systems in the USA.

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